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STABLE Performance Measures: Development, Testing & Results

Development and testing of the STABLE measures employed a rigorous methodology over three stages of activity: construction of the measure set; assessment of the reliability and feasibility of data collection; and assessment of measure conformance among 80 outpatient practices.  Click on the links below to download information on methods and results from each stage.

Development Process and Validity Ratings : Information on use of the RAND Appropriateness Method and validity ratings in the selection of STABLE measures. 

Inter-abstractor Reliability Testing & Results : Information on methods of inter-abstractor reliability testing and results for the STABLE measures.

Data Feasibility Testing & Results : Information on methods of data feasibility testing and results for the STABLE measures

Field Study Process & Conformance Findings : Information on a field study conducted in 80 outpatient psychiatric and primary care practice sites and the resultant conformance findings for the STABLE measures

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