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STABLE Performance Measures: Data Collection & Analysis

Materials are provided to guide case selection and collect and assemble the data needed to construct STABLE measures. The data collection tools have been developed to record information manually from medical records but can be adapted for data capture via an electronic medical record or hand-held device. Click on the links below to download these materials.

Depression Data Collection Tool : The form captures data elements for 3 STABLE measures (screening for mania, substance abuse and suicide risk). It applies to cases of diagnosed and treated unipolar depression.

Bipolar Disorder Data Collection Tool : The form captures data elements for 14 of the 15 STABLE measures. It applies to medical records of diagnosed and treated bipolar disorder.

Data Analysis Algorithms : Algorithms detail how each meaure is constructed. Numbers refer to data elements described in Data Collection tools.

Considerations for Case Selection : Provides guidance for selecting cases for data collection. For example, exclusion criteria address circumstances, such as hospitalization, that could unfairly influence provider results.

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