CQAIMH - center for quality assessment and improvement in mental health
CQAIMH - center for quality assessment and improvement in mental health

CQAIMH faculty and staff conduct research on methods of quality assessment, determinants of quality of care, and strategies for quality improvement. Listed below are publications authored or co-authored by center faculty or staff.


Quality Assessment and Improvement

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Risk Adjustment TOP OF PAGE
  • Hermann RC. Template for Risk Adjustment Information Transfer (TRAIT), Report of the Working Group on Methods and Implementation, Forum on Performance Measures in Behavioral Healthcare: Center for Mental Health Services, U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. November 9, 2003. Full Text
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Mental Health Practice PatternsTOP OF PAGE
  • Hermann RC, Yang D, Ettner SL, Marcus S, Yoon C, Abraham M: Antipsychotic Drug Use in Office-based Physician Practice in the United States, 1989 – 1997. Psychiatric Services 2002; 53(4). Abstract Full Text
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Cost-Effectiveness of Mental Health PracticesTOP OF PAGE
  • Neumann PJ, Hermann RC, Kuntz KM, Duff S, Araki SS, Leon J, Berenbaum P, Goldman P, Williams L, Weinstein MC. Cost-effectiveness of donepezil in the treatment of mild or moderate Alzheimer’s Disease. Neurology. 1999;52:1138-45. Abstract
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Mental Health Screening in Primary CareTOP OF PAGE
  • Hermann RC, Joseph R, Erickson P, Bor D: Improving the detection of mental disorders in primary care. In: Dickey B and Sederer LI, eds. Achieving Quality in Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Practice Washington DC, American Psychiatric Press, Inc., 2001, pp. 325-337.
  • Joseph R, Hermann RC: Screening for psychiatric disorders in primary care. Harvard Rev Psychiatry 1998; 6: 165-170. Abstract
Other Mental Health Services ResearchTOP OF PAGE
  • Leon J, Neumann PJ, Hermann RC, Hsu M, Cummings JL, Doraiswamy M, Marin D: Health-related quality-of-life and service utilization in Alzheimer�s disease: A cross-sectional study. American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 2000; 15(2):94-108.
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  • Hermann RC. Measurement-Based Quality Improvement: Making it Work in Behavioral Health Care. Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) National Forum, Orlando, FL, December 2006. Presentation
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Toolkits / Other

  • Hermann RC, Leff HS, Lagodmos G. Selecting Process Measures for Quality Improvement in Mental Healthcare. Cambridge MA, the Evaluation Center@HSRI, 2002. Toolkit
  • Hermann RC, Fullerton C, Dausey DJ, Kilbourne AM. Quality Measure Tables: Co-Occurring Psychiatric, Substance Use & Medical Conditions. February, 2006. Tables
Center for Quality Assessment & Improvement in Mental Health