CQAIMH - center for quality assessment and improvement in mental health

National Inventory of Mental Health Quality Measures

CQAIMH's inventory of quality measures provides a searchable database of more than 300 process measures for assessment and improvement of mental health and substance abuse care. These measures have been developed by government agencies, researchers, professional organizations, accreditors, health systems, employer purchasers, consumer coalitions, and commercial vendors. Each measure is accompanied by a clinical rationale, numerator and denominator specifications and information on data source, domain of quality, evidence basis and developer. The inventory can be searched by these characteristics as well as by diagnosis, demographics, type of treatment and clinical setting. Funding for the Inventory was provided by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and the Evaluation Center@HSRI.

STABLE: STAndards for BipoLar Excellence

The STABLE Performance Measures & Toolkit provides rigorously developed tools for quality assessment and improvement of care for bipolar disorder. Fifteen performance measures were developed on the basis of research evidence, expert consensus and formal testing of reliability and validity. Detailed specifications, medical record abstraction forms and performance results from 80 outpatient sites are provided. The toolkit provides numerous resources to improve performance in clinical practice including instruments to screen for depression and mania as well as to monitor symptoms and functioning over time. In addition, there are tools to assess for suicide risk, co-morbid substance use and medication side effects; to provide patient education; and to assist with diagnostic coding. STABLE was led by a National Coordinating Council of bipolar and measurement experts as well as leaders of national professional associations. Funding was provided by AstraZeneca LLP.



Center for Quality Assessment & Improvement in Mental Health